Oxygen Wallet

Oxygen Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. You can store Ethereum and Solana assets and seamlessly operate Oxygen DeFi Prime Brokerage protocol.

Oxygen Wallet has several powerful capabilities:
  • You can securely store, send, and receive ETH, ERC20 tokens, SOL, and SPL tokens.
  • You can exchange Solana assets with full transparency through on-chain Serum orderbooks.
  • Clone Ethereum assets on Solana in 1-click to enjoy instant transactions for 1/1000 of the cost.
  • Generate new or import existing Ethereum and Solana wallets in seconds.
  • Sign messages cryptographically with your private key.
  • Use the same mnemonic phrase to create Ethereum and Solana wallets.

The Oxygen wallet for iPhone can be downloaded here:

Main Screen

This is the main screen of the Oxygen wallet. It shows you the assets you hold and allows you to send funds, receive funds, exchange one asset for another for a given F/X rates and a QR functionality for importing a wallet or sending/receiving funds.

Create SOL/ETH wallet

Adding a wallet is a matter of seconds. Click on the + sign to add a new SOL or ETH wallet.

Once this screen appears, select Create or Import. If you select Create, the next screen is to pick which network the wallet to be created should be on - Ethereum or Solana.

Within a few seconds, your wallet is created and you get a confirmation message.

Import SOL/ETH Wallet

If you choose to import one of your existing wallets you have to either scan a QR code or enter the seed (mnemonic) phrase for your wallet.

Swap ETH assets into SOL or SOL Assets into ETH

The Exchange functionality allows you to instantly swap one asset for another at a good rate.

To exchange assets, you can select to swap to or from one of your wallets.

Then you have to select which token to swap with.

Then you enter how much you would like to exchange and the conversion rate and amount that it will be swapped into will automatically appear.

Send funds

To send funds, either enter in the wallet address or use a QR code.

Receive funds

First choose wallet to receive funds into

Then select token to receive

Now you are shown the QR code for receiving the token for the given wallet that you selected.

Scan QR Code

Scan QR Code to send and receive funds or import a wallet.