Oxygen Protocol is a prime brokerage designed to cater to the needs of DeFi applications and users

The OXY token powers the Oxygen Protocol, governing it and 100% of its revenue
  • Centralised
  • High Frequency
  • Decentralised
  • OTC borrow

What is Oxygen Protocol?

Oxygen is a pools-based financial infrastructure that will democratize borrow-lending and make it more efficient for all participants. Users are able to:
  • Earn yield

    on their lent out funds
  • Borrow assets

    from a pool and pay interest to the pool
  • Trade

    directly out of the pool which enables collective action and efficient capital usage
  • Access

    more complex products using their pool’s assets as collateral
  • 100 % net revenue to the benefit of token holders
  • 100 % community-driven
  • 100 m+ users of Maps.me 2.0

What are the utility and rewards of the OXY token?

The OXY token will power the Oxygen Protocol, governing it and 100% of its net revenues


  • Network fees – the protocol is likely to charge a fraction of the yield earned by the lenders
  • Trading fees – the protocol may charge fees based on trading volume, asset management pools, and more
  • Liquidation fees


  • Each token represents one vote and the token holders will vote on binding governance intiatives related to Oxygen Protocol

Total Supply

The total supply of OXY will decrease through a buy and burn conducted with 100% of the protocol fees
  • Community Fund 45 %
  • Product and Tech Growth 25 %
  • Team 10 %
  • Private Sale 10 %
  • Partners 8 %
  • IEO 2 %

A distribution schedule for long term success

88% of all tokens, including private sale tokens are locked up for over six years. This means that the team, partners, investors are all committed to the long term success of the Oxygen Protocol.