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Risk Framework

There are different risks inherent in the Oxygen Prime Brokerage protocol. The two main ones are cyber-security risks and asset risk.

We address cyber-risks through continuous audits and bounty programmes. We describe how we manage the asset risk below.

Risk Parameters

Each asset in the Oxygen protocol has specific values related to their risk, which influences how they are loaned and borrowed. The table below shows a summary of the latest values.

Name Symbol Collateral Loan to value Liquidation Threshold Liquidation Bonus
Binance USD BUSD no
DAI DAI yes 75% 80% 5%
Synthetix USD SUSD no
True USD TUSD yes 75% 80% 5%
USDC USDC yes 75% 80% 5%
Tether USDT no
Other Assets
Basic Attention Token BAT yes 60% 65% 10%
Enjin ENJ yes 55% 65% 10%
Ethereum ETH yes 75% 80% 5%
Kyber Network KNC yes 60% 65% 10%